Accessing Remote Instruction

As confirmed COVID-19 cases in the county and state have risen over the past month, the possibility of our district moving to remote instruction as a result of the state’s Public Health Advisory System becomes more likely. If Medina county were to move to level 3 (red), and we were to be in “high incidence” (100+ confirmed cases per 100k population over a two week period), our district would move to remote instruction. Consequently, our students would need to have chromebooks, laptops, or compatible computers at home to participate in remote instruction. To make this process as efficient for K-5 parents as possible, we would like to send chromebooks home with K-5 students if parents give permission in advance. To effectively give permission for chromebooks to come home with students, parents need to complete the linked form below once for each child AND complete the Technology Agreement through the Back to School Portal (if you have not already done so).

The next update to the Ohio Public Health Advisory System will be this Thursday, October 29th, at 2:00. If you want your child to bring home a chromebook in the event that this next update moves the district into remote instruction, then you need to complete the permission form below for each of your children before Thursday.

Remote Learning Chromebook Distribution Permission Form

Back to School Portal

CES Second Trimester Colts Online Learning Academy Opt-In/Out

For parents of all Colts Online Learning Academy (COLA) students, you must complete a Second Trimester COLA Opt-In/Out Form for each of your children. This form indicates your decision on whether your child will continue their online learning or if they will return to school. Please make sure you complete this form for each of your children by October 30th. We will not accept any forms after October 30th. Again, every child must have a form filled out indicating your choice even if you choose to stay online. If you do not fill out the form your child will continue their online learning path for the entire second Trimester. You can find this form below. Thank you and we hope you have a wonderful weekend.

CES Second Trimester Colts Online Learning Academy Opt-In/Out Form (Complete form for each child)

3rd Grade Fall State Testing

Although the state has removed the retention consequence portion of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee for students who do not score at least a 683 on the Third Grade English Language Arts Ohio State Test, the state does still expect third grade students to take the Fall and Spring ELA Ohio State Test. We have made arrangements for both our in-person students and our Colts Online Learning Academy students to take the test the week of October 26th – 30th. All 3rd Grade ELA testing will be on paper for the 2020-2021 school year. The plans for both groups of students are outlined below.

In-Person Students: Our students attending school for in-person instruction will take the tests on Monday, October 26th and Tuesday, October 27th with their homeroom teachers in the morning. Students will be able to participate in make-up testing on the 28th-30th if they miss school on Monday or Tuesday.

Colts Online Learning Academy Students: Our students attending school virtually will be able to take the tests on Monday, October 26th and Tuesday, October 27th in the CES cafeteria. To accommodate parents and address any concerns parents might have regarding safety, we will have testing spaces in the cafeteria at tables that have been disinfected before students arrive and students will be able to sit more than six feet apart from each other. Participation in fall testing will require students to wear masks while in the building (except during mask breaks designated by the teachers facilitating the testing). Our cafeteria testing will be facilitated by Mrs. Witschey and Mrs. Roush.

Parents should plan to bring their third grade students to the building after bus arrival, between 9:15-9:30, park in the bus parking lot off of Friendsville Road, and walk their children to the event doors on the Friendsville Road side of the building. A staff member will greet you at the door and take attendance of students as they arrive. These students will then be escorted directly to the cafeteria across the hall from the event door entrance where they will be given directions and will have an opportunity to take the test. Students should be picked up by parents at 11:30 am. Students should bring something to read in case they finish early.

Our online students will also be able to participate in make-up testing the rest of the week.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the testing schedule, please email Mr. Moody at

Halloween Inventory Closeout/Liquidation Sale

The Cloverleaf High School Drama Club is providing a very unique opportunity for parents, students, and community members to purchase inventory closeout items from a seasonal Halloween store that closed. The costumes, props, and accessories were donated to our drama club, and all proceeds from sales will go to the drama club. This will be a blowout sale, and all items must go. The sale will be Friday, October 9th from 3pm-7pm in front of Cloverleaf High School. Please see the flyer link below for more details.

SORA App Message from our District Librarian

Students, teachers, and parents, 

This year you have the opportunity to borrow Ebooks and Audio books for free. These can be borrowed to Chromebooks, Kindles, and phones.  You can add the app to any of your devices. Teachers also have access to SORA.  We were able to receive a grant from the Cares Act to pay for this!


  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Search for
  3. Go to My School isn’t listed.
  4. Type in Cloverleaf and click this is my school.
  5. Select Cloverleaf Local Schools
  6. Username = Google Account
  7. Password = Google Account Password
  8. Click on the three lines in the right corner (menu) and click add a public library- choose Clevnet and this is my library.  This will allow you to borrow books from Medina County Library. 
  9. Add a Sora shortcut if asked- add and install.   This will put the App right on your desktop.   If it doesn’t ask, click Download and add shortcut.  When you click the waffle, (the dots in Google that look like a waffle)  Sora should show up at the bottom.                                                     

Borrow whatever you want from our collection or Clevnet.  If it is checked out, you can put a hold on it.  

If you need any help at all, you can email me at cheri.weigand@cloverleaf

Online Picture Day Details

For our Colts Online Learning Academy Students, school picture day will be Friday, October 9th from 4 pm – 7 pm. Please use the attached picture form PDF to prepare for your picture day. You can print the form, fill in the information and bring it with your child on picture day or you can order pictures online using the link on the form.

Picture Form Below:

Parents and students will need to sign-up for a picture time using this link: (After you choose a time, please make sure to click “submit and signup” at the bottom of the page). Please do not arrive for pictures before 3:55 pm as the buses may still be in the bus parking lot. Please park in the bus parking lot (entrance on Friendsville Road) starting at 3:55, use the event doors for building entry, and proceed directly to the gymnasium for pictures. All parents and students will need to wear masks while in the building except while posing for pictures.

Picture Days for In-Person and Online Students

In-Person Students: We are excited for our school picture days. This is a reminder that school pictures for in-person students will be taken on Tuesday, September 29th at Cloverleaf Elementary School. We are changing the Spirit Week day from “Tropical Day” to “Dress your Best Day.” Also, if you child’s kindergarten classroom was planning for “Brown Day,” please plan for “Dress your Best Day” instead. We are sorry for the confusion.

Online Students: We are excited to be able to offer a school picture day for our online students. School pictures for online students will be taken at Cloverleaf Elementary School on Friday, October 9th from 4 pm – 7 pm. More details and a time sign-up will be coming to you soon through another all-call and/or through your teacher/facilitator’s google classroom.

A Message from the PTO Regarding Father/Daughter Dance Pictures

Long awaited announcement about photos from the Father/Daughter dance: please read the whole post as this is going to be a staggered delivery. If your student is enrolled in Colts Online Academy AND you have signed up to pick up meals on Friday 1-2pm, the PTO will have a table set up after the meal distribution to pick up pictures. We need the child’s name and grade. In person students, we are working on getting current class lists to put in teacher mailboxes next week. The picture came in with student name and last years teacher so we need to organize them for their current teachers. Lastly, if you are not in either, send me a pm so we can arrange a contact free pickup for your photos. Again, we will need student name and last years grade. I’m so glad that we (the PTO) get to provide a little sunshine and smile with these beautiful pictures! Please, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, direct them to myself or our executive board. The office and school have so much on their plates right now and we can handle this one- Jennifer Dawson. Please contact Mr. Moody at if you need Mrs. Dawson’s contact information.