CES-Colts Online Learning Academy

During the uncertain times of a pandemic, deciding how children will be educated is a very personal and important decision to be made by families. Cloverleaf has created the Colts Online Learning Academy as an additional option for parents to consider for the upcoming school year. Parents are asked to finalize their decisions by the August 10th deadline. To learn more information about the CES-Colts Online Academy, please click HERE. To complete the Colts Online Learning Academy Opt-In Form, please click HERE.

End of Year Letter

Parents, the following letter will also be shared in your child’s google classroom.  Additional details about pickup of final materials and how to return chromebooks and other materials will be provided soon.

“Good Morning, Parents!

Cloverleaf has been evaluating options for how to most efficiently end this school year. We have decided the last day of instruction for the 2019-20 school year will be May 22. Completing instruction on this date will allow the district time to collect Chromebooks, textbooks and library books, as well as allow students to pick up personal items. Please watch for details from your child’s school.

The unusual nature of these past few months has created unprecedented challenges.  We will continue to serve our parents, students and community the very best we can, regardless of the learning environment.You have been very supportive of our entire staff during this difficult time. Thank you! Please enjoy this upcoming summer season with your family and loved ones. Stay safe!


Bob Hevener, Curriculum Director”

Remote Instuction Feedback for CES

We are asking parents to complete a Google Form to tell us how we have been doing during remote instruction.  Please click the survey link below to give us valuable feedback we can use for future planning and reflection.  This is the same form posted by teachers in their Google Classrooms.  You do not need to complete the form in both locations.  Thank you.

Parent Survey

6th Grade Band and Choir Selection

5th Grade Parents,

Mr. Fudale, Mr. Winter, & Mrs. Leonard, our middle school band and music teachers, have asked that I share two links with you.  One link is for a google slides presentation explaining the choir and band selection process, and the other link is for the actual google form.  Every 5th grade student will need to choose band or choir for their 6th grade year.  Please take a moment to review the slideshow with your child and then complete the google form.  Our 5th grade students typically get a chance to see the different instrument choices and learn more about their band options in the spring, but we were unable to do that this year due to the closing or school buildings.



Band and Choir Choice Form

Music, Art, and Physical Education Expectations

Each week the Specials teachers (Music, Art, and Physical Education) post assignments through their google classrooms. Research shows us that the arts, music and physical education are vital parts of a child’s education.  They allow students to use different parts of their brains and support the reading and math curriculum. During this time of remote home instruction, we understand the struggles parents are experiencing with a lot on their plates. We want you to know that it is not expected that students complete or participate in every assignment. We are requiring that students complete a minimum of 2 assignments for each of the specials classes by the end of the school year. These two lessons should be turned in to your child’s special teacher. If you have questions about what is required, please feel free to reach out to the specials teachers through their google classroom and/or by email.

Edit: For families without internet access, multi-week packets for art, music, and physical education are available for pickup in the gym on Tuesdays and Thursday from 9am-2pm.

Online Instructional Plan

On March 30th, Cloverleaf Elementary School will be starting online instruction. This will be a very different learning platform for our students. With that being said, it is important to provide students and families with a framework as to how it will work and what is expected.

Below you will find the CES Plan for Instructional Continuity. We ask that parents and students review the plan together. Every family should have received a packet from their teacher and instructions on how they will be instructing your child. If you have not picked up a packet they are in the Elementary office and can be picked up on Tuesday, March 31st or Thursday, April 2nd from 9 am to 2 pm. 

Building hours of operation:

Schools across the district will be open for families on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

If your family utilized paper packets during the first week of remote instruction due to no internet access, we want to share an opportunity to acquire free internet through Spectrum Cable. If you take advantage of this option and need a device for instructional purposes, you may still contact the school, during hours of operation, to sign out a Chromebook. Please CLICK HERE for details of how to take advantage of the opportunity being provided through Spectrum. Families will need to drop off completed packets and pickup new packets each week, in the gym, during the building’s hours of operation that were shared above.

Each Tuesday is when new work will be available for the upcoming week. Please keep in contact with your teachers for any new work needed. 

The structure and processes that are outlined above are designed to meet instructional needs based on the most recent information provided by the medical community and State and Federal governments. Please understand that if circumstances would change there may be a need to adjust our plan.

If you have questions about instruction for your child, please contact your child’s teacher first. If there are other questions, feel free to give the office a call. Secretary office hours will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 2. They will return any calls that are outside of that time frame. 

Thank you,

Michael Moody, Principal PK, 3-5  and Karen Martin, Principal K-3


Instructional Plan: Google Doc  or  PDF

Charter/Spectrum Offer: Google Doc or PDF